With over 100 years of history, CONSERVAS PORTUGAL NORTE, LDA is a company with a long tradition in the manufacture and sale of canned fish, which has always been known to keep its family profile, from its foundation in 1912 to the present day .

Originally founded in the fishing village of Sesimbra, Conservas Portugal Norte, in the 40s of the 20th century, made its strategic repositioning, transferring to Matosinhos, where the canneries were concentrated in Portugal.

At the end of the 50’s he invested in new facilities and opted for modernization through the insertion of new technologies in his production line. Commercially known as “Canning Factory – The Persistent”, the company has known how to overcome the obstacles and challenges it has encountered. In the late 80’s, after having gone through a more demanding period.

The Persistent is taken by a new management that also changes its social denomination of “Nero & Cª. (Sucessor), Lda. “For the current” Conservas Portugal Norte, Lda. “

The factory that remains today in the same address of Rua Sousa Aroso, in Matosinhos, continues betting on progress and innovation, but always maintaining its traditional manufacture, characteristics that result in its timeless success.

The fish that makes the canning recipes arrive every day from the fishing port that is located less than 10 minutes from the factory. Preserves ranging from tuna, mackerel, horse mackerel, mackerel, cod, and other qualities of fish with a variety of flavors and condiments are achieved with quality products, evaluated and certified to the highest standards.


With a focus on the foreign market, Conservas Portugal Norte is proud to maintain long-standing commercial partners, spread throughout the world, which reflects the quality of its products and its business suitability, always based on sound ethical principles.A company is managed by a dynamic team that adopts constant investment and development policies, betting on constant innovation. Being in full growth of market share in the countries where it operates, in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and America, it always guarantees the excellence of its products and its after-sales service.

The best reward of all this effort, work and careful rigor by all those who are part of this company, is undoubtedly the satisfaction of our customers who recognize in our products a superior quality.


Conservas Portugal Norte has been recognized throughout its years of existence for the quality of its products, for example of success and business relations, receiving several prizes and distinctions, such as the Silver Medal at the Setúbal Regional Exhibition in 1930 ; and the distinction for the Business Success Case, attributed by the Governments of Portugal and Israel, in recognition of the development of commercial relations between the two countries.


The Quality Management System (QMS) of Conservas Portugal Norte, implemented according to the norm NP EN ISO 9001: 2008, is based on a Quality Policy, Process Management and Continuous Improvement. Our quality control laboratory ensures strict product control from the receipt of raw materials to final product shipment, taking into account quality requirements and consumer safety, meeting the growing requirements of the food market. The approach through processes inherent to the QMS is assimilated and in force at the company’s entire level, making available and aggregating pertinent information in the decision making, allowing for the optimization of processes and their constant improvement. Our production processes, certified by the highest levels of quality, are executed with solutions designed for health and food hygiene, as well as sustainability and environmental preservation. From selection of the raw material to the canning and sterilization of cans, all stages of the production chain are executed under strict control so that this happens we bet on the continuous formation of all that are an integral part of our production process.



Our mission is the full satisfaction of our customers worldwide, corresponding to your expectations towards us. In addition, we guarantee compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity, offering a healthy product, totally natural, without any preservatives and very rich in Omega 3, with a quality of excellence and at a competitive price.


Procuramos ser uma empresa preferencial no setor das conservas, apresentando produtos seguros e de qualidade reconhecida pelos nossos clientes e consumidores em todas as partes do mundo, apostando continuamente numa equipa competente e motivada.


Full satisfaction of our customers
Product safety and quality assurance
Compliance with HACCP standards / Food safety
Competence and Professionalism
Ethics, Rigor and Transparency
Seeking continuous and continuous improvement

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