Porthos is the main brand of Conservas Portugal Norte. With different product ranges and specificities, Porthos adapts to the different markets, their languages and cultures.

This brand is an example of exportation, being found in several continents – Europe, Asia, Africa and America – where it represents excellence of the Portuguese preserves, being able to take the best of our tradition to places so unique and distant.

The Porthos brand has been marketed to Israel for more than 50 years and to Macao for more than 75 years, where besides being leader in its market segment, it is also recognized and consumed for generations.

The manufacture of the Porthos products combines the knowledge of the artisanal production tradition with the effectiveness of the new technologies. All those involved in the production process guarantee that Porthos canned consumers arrive at the tables of high quality and extremely important products in their nutritional balance.


Vintage Line - Sardines
Vintage Line - Tuna
Standard Line - Sardines
Standard Line - Tuna
Standard Line - Horse mackerel
Standard Line - Molluscs
Standard Line - Codfish
Standard Line - Mackerel
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