Sardines Pita Bread with Olive Tapenade


1 Can of Sardines in Porthos Vintage Olive

500g. Black olives with seed

Olive oil q.s.

Orégãos q.b.

1 clove garlic

Salt q.s.

1 Packing Pita Bread

Arugula q.b.


Tapenade Olive: Drain the olives, add to the olives a little olive oil, oregano, clove garlic and season with salt, chop everything in the chopper until obtaining a homogeneous paste. Store in a refrigerator in an airtight container until ready to serve.

For Pita Bread: Cut the bread into 4 and bar the inside with the olive tapenade, put arugula leaves to taste and then the Sardines in Olive Oil.

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